A Gift — A Free Event — A Free Workshop:  Join us for a social experience including a Design Thinking workshop (i.e., Icarus Session CLE-2)

When:  Friday, February 8, 2013. 4:00 PM++

Where:  The Cleveland Museum of Art

How:  Register HERE at the event’s MeetUp page


In an era of mind-boggling complexity and turbo-charged change, we need to rewire how we think. Don’t ‘ya think?

By now, you may know that “thinking about how we think” is a daily occurance here at Screwbeall Universe City—not to mention the fact that thinking different (crowd-thinking) is part and parcel to the EarthBrain planet of Screwball.

One “mode” of thinking is Design Thinking. It’s a creative process that takes into account the context of a problem, and applies a special kind of rationality to delivering a solution to the problem. It has historically been limited to engineering and design—but that’s changing. Many are recognizing the applicability of the process in other 21st century disciplines—including your life.

About February 8th:

If you attended Icarus Session CLE-1 on January 2nd, you witnessed (or participated in) an exercise that involved sharing your “art” (i.e., the work you’re meant to do and why it matters to the world). During Icarus-CLE-1.2 on January 11th, Ken Chapin (CEO of Mobile Innovation Lab) offered to conduct a design Thinking Workshop at Icarus-CLE-2 on February 8th.

More about the workshop:

Mobile Innovation Lab Logo  Ken Chapin photo

Building from the Icarus Sessions, Ken Chapin, Founder and CEO of Mobile Innovation Lab will be facilitating a workshop to introduce participants to the Design Thinking methodology and give them a basic understanding of its practical application in innovation.  Participants will engage in collective inquiry around the challenges they face and design prototyped solutions to address what matters to them most. You’ll also learn a thing or two about adaptive thinking—complements Screwball Universe City.

The Feb 8th Dance-Card:

  • 4:00—5:00 PM:  Meet/register at the Atrium at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Food/Drink available for purchase on your own at Provenance and the Cafe at CMA
  • 5:00—5:15:  Migration to Classroom D, downstairs (stairway immediately to the left if entered the CMA North entrance.  When at bottom—make a right, and then another right… and then slither to the end of the hall. Classroom D will be eagerly awaiting you)
  • 5:15—6:45:  The Workshop
  • 6:45—7:00:  A Break
  • 7:00 Optional:  Fred Wilson Lecture presented by CMA. He’s a g guy that will talk about how his art exhibit (there at CMA) challenges the traditional exhibition of art. What an interesting twist, don’t ‘cha think? For this aspect of the evening, just call the CMA ticket office at 216-421-7350 for a Fred Wilson lecdture reservation. The lecture is $15, but for our group, your price will be $10. In order to obtain the discount, you will need to say “Screwball!” (with grand enthusiasm) when making your reservation
  • 7:00—7:45:  For those who don’t attend Fred Wilson, we will continue with Design Thinking workshop part-2. We’ll formulate an “outcome” as a gift to the rest of Icarus-land
  • 7:45—8:30:  Hang at the Cafe and/or Provenance
  • 8:30: Start moving out (the Museum closes at 9:00 PM)
  • 9:00 PM++  Peel-off to local spot for TGIF
  • Attend any/all parts of the evening— early or late!
  • Early registration appreciated for space-planning considerations
  • Food and drink you might purchase at Provenance/the Cafe may be brought into the workshop classroom throughout the evening

Map, Registration & Attendees:

Register HERE at the event’s MeetUp page

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